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6pm All students

7pm - 8pm Red Stripes and above ONLY (Black Belt Class)




THURSDAY 6:30-7:30


SATURDAY 10:00 - 11:00




Training and Tour SEOUL

please read TKD Tour 2015.PDF for more details


TKD Tour 2015
Korea’s largest tour company, Hanatour offers a programme for Taekwondo practitioners that leaves nothing to be desired.
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Christmas Party 2014 (6/12/14)


The Christmas Party will be held at The Hare Pub from 7:30pm


Tickets are £5 each please see the Tea Club members between 6pm-8pm Monday's and Wednesday's or Ange and Mick (Sir) another time.

GRADING DAY 6/12/14- Training Session


There will be a training session on Saturday 6th in Sawbridgeworth from 09:00-10:00. This session is to help those who are grading to go over anything your not sure about.





White Belts (10th Kup) starts at 13:30 please be there in plenty of time to prepare & warm up.

Good Luck to all.

English Championships 2014 (16/3/14)


Well done Parriys Alphous, Bailey and Kalani Bassi, Ryan Brown, the Danila brothers, Jag Molines and George Watkinson for taking part in the English Championships. Jag 2nd place in red belt lightweight division and George 1st place in cadet red belt lightweight division. Medals also won by Kalani, Ryan and Jag in team sparring. Very exciting day.

GRADING DAY 22/3/14- Training Session


There will be a special session on Saturday 22nd in Sawbridgeworth from 09:00-10:00. This session is to help those who are grading to go over anything your not sure about. 



White Belts (10th Kup) starts at 13:30 please be there in plenty of time to prepare & warm up.

Good Luck to all.




 9th, 10th & 11th May

Click Here for more details.


If you would like to join in and have fun with us in Clacton, the closing date Friday 28th February. 

There are not many spaces left so please be quick

You can speak to the admin team during the training sessions.

Sawbridgeworth Tae Kwon-Do - NOW OPEN  



Training @ Leventhorpe School Liesure Center

Thursdays 19:30-20:30

Saturdays 09:00-10:00


Please email Sawbrideworth-TKD@virginmedia.com for more information or jst come and see us on Thursday's/Saturday's








Well done to all the 48 who graded 


A great achievement 


Everybody  Passed


19 passes,


11 +passes




18 A grades. !!


 Christmas Party was held at the Hare Pub. 


The evening started at 7.00 with awards being presented half an hour later. The results of the grading were then given with 100% pass rate of 48 students including lots of +pass and A grades.


After the announcments and awards the party got into full swing with lots of music, dancing food and drink. A great evening had by all students, young and old. Plans now being considered for future social gatherings. 




A really good night for the club.

well done to those who received an award

Student of the year Adult -Ian Downes

Student of the year Junior -Ryan Brown

Students student Adult - Daniel Brighton

Students student Junior - George Watkinson

Most improved Adult - Nick Marshall

Most improved Junior - Jack Jenkins


4 Achievement awards

Parriys Alphous

Clare Thorogood

Sam Redwood

Bilge Irmak


Instructors award

Kalani Bassi


Mick is so proud of everyone for all the time and effort they

put into their training, they all deserve a pat on the back.

Well Done!!




Well, the grading went well on Saturday 22nd June with 33 students all passing with some great A grades even at black stripe level. Well done to all of our students.

The grading was then followed on Sunday by a lesson giving everyone the good news of the grading results, giving out belts and certificates and then came the fun of the summer BBQ. Lots of food, cooked by Phill and myself accommpanied by some great salads and pasta prepared by some very supportive parents which made it such a great success. Live band playing with lots of dancing, playing football on the field by the younger students, merry time had by all. Well done to all that helped organise it, i am proud to be part of a sucessful team!!! Heres to the next party!



Who would believe that at the end of March we would be travelling to Coventry in the snow! The roads though were ok and we arrived in plenty of time. 39 of us on the coach with 16 students competing to gain some more invaluable experience of the competitive nature of sparring and patterns. Melissa brought home a bronze medal in her tag team sparring with Jag Molines following close behind with his. Parriys Alphous and Danny Moore both waited for what seemed like forever for their bouts to begin. Both competed fantastically well in their first ever competitions as yellow stripes with Danny being beaten by a somewhat heavier yellow belt and Parriys sucessfully bringing home a gold medal after two bouts in the middleweight category. A mention for Mitchell Temple who overcome his nerves and fought, his indomitable spirit shining through and to everyone else, Jacob, Pernall, Danila boys, Owen, Connor Mair, George, Cerys, Nathan and Caprice and of course all their family and friends who came to support them. Well done everybody! Oh yes, and to Victor, our coach driver who reversed the coach so professionally after the sat nav took us down the wrong turning to the Sky Dome Arena. :-) 

Grading and Christmas Party 2012


We had 35 people grading with 100% pass rate including 11 at A grade, 11 at +pass and 13 passes. Great results, well done to everybody.


The grading results, certificates and belts were given out to all those concerned at the Christmas party which took place at The Hare Pub who provided us with some great music, food and drinks. The awards were then given out to the following people:

Student Student of the Year to Jacob Chappell

Instructors Award to Owen Howe

Student of the Year went to Phill Brown

Young Student of the Year to Melissa Pye

Most Improved Student to Pernall Chappell

Achievement Awards to Ellie Thomson, George Watkinson and Mitchell Temple.


The evening was then rounded off with lots of eating, drinking and dancing to Gangnum Style! 


A great year for us all.

The British Championships results 25th Nov 2012.

What a great day. Some of us travelling to Coventry on Saturday afternoon, meeting up and enjoying a nice meal ready for an early start on Sunday morning. After a bit of a queue outside the Skydome Arena in Coventry we met up with the rest of the club who had travelled that morning and settled down ready for the competition to start. Our first medal winner was Becky Howlett who, after a tough final with quite a regular opponent who managed to catch her in the eye, walked away with a Silver medal in the girls blue belt Peewee division. Ryan Brown had a tough fight against a very tough opponent but after getting a bloody nose and having the First Aiders attend to him was advised not to continue the fight much to Ryans huge disappointment. Georgia Thompson, after receiving a hard punch to the nose suceeded in bringing home a silver medal and Ellie Thompson who had moved to the Cadets division brought home the same. Some students joined together to make up teams for the Team Sparring with Melissa Pye bringing home a gold, Phill Brown a bronze, Owen Howe, Mitchell Temple and Pernall Chappell bringing home a silver each, calling themselves the Harlow Stars. Well done all who entered, Bailey and Kalani Bassi, Jacob Chappell, Jason Lockwood, Jag Molines, George Watkinson, Kiera Williams, Caprice Williams and Nathan Williams. Fantastic effort from everybody.

Inter Club Competition Hemel Hempstead Oct 2012



An early start meeting at Passmores at 7.30 with nearly all seats filled on our 53 seater coach to Hemel Hempstead. 26 students entering and what a successful day we all had. Competitors on the day as follows:


Owen Howe, Jacob Chappell, Pernell Chappell, Nick Marshall, Jag Molines, Sam Redwood, Jack Kelly, Edrienne Padua, Jason Whitbread, Tate Sunderland, Jack Jenkins, Caprice Williams, Kiera Williams, Kyle Avent, Bailey Bassi, Kalani Bassi, Ramon Seow, Max Hegarty, Jason Lockwood, Vladimir Kukins, Ryan Brown, George Watkinson, Georgia Thompson, Ellie Thompson, Mitchell Temple, Becky Howlett.  Well done and congratulations to you all for having a go and making the club proud!!


What a great day with everyone showing great support for each other. Medal winners were as follows:



Edrienne Padua 1 bronze individual sparring, 1 gold  team (Team Harlow) patterns. Ryan Brown 1 bronze individual patterns. Becky Howlett 1 gold  individual sparring, 1 gold team (Team Harlow) patterns. Nick Marshall 1 bronze men's  individual sparring. Jag Molines 2 silver for individual sparring and patterns,  1 gold team ( J Gees) sparring. Ramon Seow 1 silver individual sparring. Georgia Thompson  1 silver individual sparring and 1 gold team (H&R) sparring. Ellie Thompson 2 gold  individual sparring and team (H&R) sparring. Jacob Chappell 1 gold team (J Gees) sparring.  George Watkinson 2 gold for team sparring (J Gees) and team (Team Harlow) patterns. Tate Sunderland 1  gold team (Ninjas) sparring.





2012 Olympics

A teacher from Passmores Academy kindly gave the club 3 tickets to see a semi-final at the London Olympic Games. Mick Sullivan the 3rd Dan Instructor took Caprice Williams and Jason Lockwood who were lucky enough to be selected to attend with him. It was a great experience to see Tae Kwon Do at the London Games and seeing the fights that lead to a Gold medal.

Our Summer BBQ was at The Cock Inn Public House on Sunday 24th June. This was an extremely enjoyable day with lots attending the training and then enjoying the sun which decided to shine for us on the day with lots of students enjoying the bouncy castle.

The Midlands Championships 24th June 2012

Well done yet again to Becky Howlett who came home from the Midlands Championships with a Gold in the Peewee Division Blue Belt sparring, Gold in the Tag Team sparring and Silver in the Blue Belt patterns. This is a wonderful achievement by a young lady who has no boundaries and who has a great talent for success.

The English Championships on Sunday 18th March 2012 were once more a great success for the club. We had a silver from both Jag and Becky. Jag fought in the final equalising upto the last few seconds with the final point being given to his opponent and Becky who after being injured and receiving attention from the paramedics fought bravely on but was unfortunately pipped at the post. Edriene and Jason Whitbread both fought well to receive a bronze in their divisions making the day at Telford a huge success for us all. Well done!

Well done to Rebecca Howlett and Jason Whitbread who entered the East Midlands Competition on the 5th February 2012!! Jason came home with a Bronze Medal for his pattern and a Silver Medal for team sparring. Rebecca came home wth a Gold Medal for her pattern and Silver Medal for team sparring. A great achievement by both of our students who have made all at the club very proud!!

BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - TELFORD NOV 2011 A great day which started early at 6.00am and a journey to Telford, 11 competitors and a coach full of supporters. Great success with trophies won by Jag Molines coming 2nd in the Peewee Yellow belt division with Jacob Chappell coming a very close third after having to spar against Jag in the semi-finals. Edriene Padua coming 3rd in Lightweight Green belt division and Rebecca Howlett gained a silver medal in the tag team sparring. Well done also to Caprice Williams, Ramon Seow, Jack Rootsey, Jason Lockwood, Jack Jenkins, Max Hegarty and Tymoteusz Bakalarczyk who competed, giving 100% effort, whilst also gaining valuable experience and insight into what happens at the competitions and great preparation for next time! You all did the Club proud!!!

GRADING Dec 2011

The last training session before Christmas was a great success with everyone training hard before the grading and then enjoying some festive games and prizes.


The grading held at Biggleswade this year was very busy with 26 of our students grading. It was a great success with 14 A grades, 8 plus passes and 4 passes. Well done to everybody!! The end of year party was well attended with all students informed of their success and the issue of new belts together with tropies being presented to:


Students Student of the Year - Jack Jenkins

Instructors Award - Jag Molines

Student of the Year - Jacob Chappell

Most improved Student - Musa Hamid

Achievement Awards to Rebecca Howlett and Edrienne Padua


 Happy Christmas to you all, relax and enjoy and we will see you again in the New Year on Wednesday 4th January.


SOUTH EAST COMPETITION - 2011 A fantastic day at the South East Championships in Crawley. Well done to Becky, Jason, Jag, Edrienne and Caprice for entering and congratulations to all of you obtaining medals and trophies. Thank you to all of you who came to support our competitors and we will look forward to seeing you, and even more at the next competition.


Event Calendar 2022

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---Training sessions 

Monday & Wednesday

6pm - 7pm

All Belts



10am - 11am

Red & Black Belts

11am - 12pm

All Belts


12.30pm SATURDAY 26th MARCH

Location TBC (Not Paringdon)


12.30pm  SATURDAY 11th JUNE

Location Paringdon



Location Paringdon


12.30pm   SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER

Location Paringdon


Black Belt - Pre Grade & Grading dates & locations for 2022


BlackBelt Grading dates and pre blacks for this year.


Pre-Gradings at :-

Vale Academy Ridgeway avenue LU54QP 10am start.


Pre black April grading

Sun 20th March 1/2 kups 10am till 11am B/B 11am till 12

Vale Academy


Sat 2nd April 10am till 11am all grades.

Romford venue tbc


Sun 3rd April 1/2 kups 10am till 11am B/B 11am till 12

Vale Academy.


October BB grading

Sun 2nd Oct 1/2 kups 10am till 11am B/B 11am till 12

Vale Academy.


Sat 8th Oct 10am till 11am all grades

Romford venue tbc.


Sun 16th Oct 1/2 kups 10am till 11am B/B 11am till 12

vale Academy.


Strictly white doboks only and £5 on the door if not grading.



Hellidon Lakes Hotel and Golf Resort
NN11 6GG



Click-Here for Times, Address and Maps


Black Belt Star Grading Info

Please read the attached document



The venue for all coloured belt gradings are held at PARINGDON

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